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About the enterprise

Limited Liability Company Vacuum components was founded on the basis of one of the oldest manufacturing firms in Ryazan Public Corporation Electronic Appliances, situated in the single body of industrial purpose, which constitutes more than 6000 square meters with all the communications: its own transformer plant, water, sewerage system, natural gas of average pressure, combined extract and input ventilating system and the system of heat supply.

The company has in its ownership the large base of multi-purpose, special technological, control-measuring equipment.


Limited Liability Company Vacuum components works in the sphere of:

  • electronic engineering;
  • lighting technology;
  • production of electronic protection;
  • production of glass and articles of it;
  • other allied industries.

Different technological processes are downloaded in the production:

  • metals: cutting, punching, deep-drawing, turning, milling, instrumental processing, etc.
  • chemical technologies: degreasing, etching, metal coatings;
  • melting of special borosilicate glass and the production of half-finished products for electro-vacuum appliances and lighting goods;
  • production and processing of glassware: pressing, blowing, cutting, grinding, buffing, annealing, the production of vacuum-tight soldered joints and bulks and etc:
  • vacuum technologies: annealing, degassing and soldering in vacuum and protective atmosphere, with the help of high frequency current, eviction to the state of fine vacuum and filling with the gas of high refinement, plating with the help of the method of dispersion in vacuum and so on;
  • control-measuring and test processes: in cold chamber, heat chamber, humidity chamber, in pressure chamber, on vibration stand and shock table and many other processes.

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